100+ Worst Kitchen Fails Ever

worst kitchen fails

Are you terrible at cooking? Well, don’t worry,  you’re probably not as bad as you think. Here’s a list of hilarious list of epic cooking fails that will make you feel better about yourself and your own inadequacies in the kitchen. Some of them are small, some of them are big and some of them are just downright dangerous.


1. Cursed bread

2. This cake is so ugly it makes me wanna cry

3. Pressure cooker nightmare

4. Siamese twins chicks

5. Alien eggs

6. This is a bit overcooked

7. The baker lost something

8. Monkey business

9. What will you do if you come home to this?

10. Pizza fail

11. Tried to make chocolate-covered bananas

12. This is what defeat looks like

13. Meatloaf baby of your dreams

14. Hiroshima brownie

15. Got drunk, got hungry, fell asleep

16. The bunny is enjoying the hot bath!

17. From snowman to Jabba the Hut

18. Slight kitchen mishap

19. Nuclear lunch detected

20. This is just terrifying

21. Pancake goals

22. It’s a rice-pop!

23. Sushi chef level: Beginner

24. Nailed it

25. Flaming hot pasta

26. Happy Birthday!

27. The misspelling only makes it funnier

28. You shouldn’t even be in the kitchen if you can’t tell glass from plastic

29.  Maybe they use the smoke alarm as a kitchen timer

30. A great way to start the day

31. Cooking level: Broke but creative

32. Cookie Monster cupcakes gone wrong

33. Looks like you needed a new stove anyway…

34. Cutting skills

35. It’s an electric kettle, ELECTRIC

36. Steamed hot dogs, they look like cow’s intestines

37. Pro tip: when cooking, don’t remove all the spice lids at the same time

38. Good to go, just watch out for the crunchy bits

39. Gluten free skeleton

40. Spinach baby

41. Melted Minion

42. Poor Ariel

43. Spaghetti stalactites

44. Evolution failed

45. Congratulations you made potatoes

46. Hopefully these deviled egg chicks have had better days

47. Expectations Vs. Reality

48. Don’t cook when drunk

49. The Great Gatsby LSD version

50. Cooked the shit out of the sweet potatoes

51. Cooking in college

52. Panda zombie cupcake

53. Ass-stounding

54.  I’m currently a culinary student, and last night I asked a lady friend to help me with dinner. All I asked her to do was peel half the potatoes in the bag

55.  Intent: Yin Yang Bread. Result: Boob job gone wrong

56. Strawberry snowmen fail

57. I Guess I should’ve used a butter knife

58. A friend tried to make M&M hot chocolate by melting M&Ms in hot water

59. I should probably read the labels on things

60. Love the one that says “I tried”

61. Shark cupcake fail

62. My little pony disaster

63. Micky Mouse pancake

64. Zombie penguin cupcakes

65. Ghost cupcake

66. I tried. I failed

67. Rainbow jello attempt

68. Cabinet fail

69. Christmas cookies for naughty kids

70. In case there is any doubt – it’s pasta

71. I think that’s supposed to be a cat

72. At least they were metal cookie cutters

73. Rainbow mac and cheese

74. Chocolate kiwi nightmares

75. Angry Birds cake pop poops

76. Note to self : Don’t leave utensils in the beef strudel

77. Time for a new oven

78. Life hack my ass

79. What happens when I try to cook

80. Hulk smash!

81. This mac and cheese looks like a big ass candle

82. Banana ghosts

83. Cookie dough

84. Mozzarella disaster

85. Beerbread tried to escape the oven

86. How is this even possible?

87. When you’re cooking and you pea all over the floor

88. Chocolate, metal top, microwave

89. Rainbow cake in a bar

90. Don’t judge

91. Bunny rolls except the bunnies

92. I tried to make rice, this happened

93. Doctor Who Tardis Cake

94. So I tried cooking last night

95. Nightmare before Christmas

96. Bad Luck

97. How is your house still there

98. Why I’ll never become a cooking pro

99. This cake fail

100. Train wreck cake

101. Close enough

102. Go home chef, you’re drunk

103. Couldn’t find a can opener

104. Cookie bowls

105. Perfect cupcake

106. Oops

107. Looks like monkey shit in a pan

108. Graduation cake went wrong

109. How to cook eggs in college dorms

110. Accidentally dropped dropped dry ice in the sink

111. Scooby Doo attempt cake

112. My mom’s cooking is the bomb

113. Nailed it!

114. His face totally slid off

115. Tried to make self freezing slushies

116. Sad little ninjas

117. Upside down pizza failure

118. Couldn’t get the damn lid off

119. Caramel and warm cake don’t go together at all

120. Rice krispie reindeer fail

121. I can’t even use a microwave properly

122. Vanilla cookies

123. Drunk me thought I was on to something

124. My drunk roommate left cooking in oven overnight

125. Hamburgers at my dad’s house

126. English breakfast served on a bed of linoleum

127. It’s risky to travel with smoothies, because they continue to ferment when not refrigerated

128. Strawberry ghosts

129. Frozen birthday cake

130. Failed relatively hard

131. These chicken nuggets chilling in the oven

132. Spooky skeleton egg

133. My sweet potato soufflé after I set the marshmallows on fire

134. Had a plan to start cooking at home more. I think it’s going well

135. How to get out of cooking dinner

136. Muffin fail

137. Beaver cupcake

138. Halloween cookie goals

139. Excellent presentation

140. Nice job

141. “It was a tad overcooked….”

142. This toastie fail

143. Well crap, that didn’t go as planned

144. S’mores cookies

145. Global warming punch

146. Pumpkin cake

147. It might be a good idea to go out for dinner tonight

148. Long hair and mixers mix well

149. Cake like dish made from pasta

150. Looks as if the cookie cutter is mocking you

151. That actually looks tasty

152. The front of the oven shattered after cooking at 400 degrees for only 15 minutes

153.  Mysterious “casserole”, main ingredient: Cheerios

154. I have never known anger like this

155. Spider Man candy apples

156. Hairless Chewbacca pancake

157. A wiggly bowl of worm fail

158. Pinwheel cookies attempt

159. Does anyone else see the…

160. This looks radioactive

161. I have no idea what I’m doing

162. Cooking level: Not getting the security deposit back

163. It’s still a rainbow heart

164. Corn dog mini muffins went wrong

165. Witchy fingers

166. How on earth did this happen

167. Eggs with a side of broken plate

168. Cake tasted spectacular, but was a huge fail in the looks department

169. I may need to rethink my spaghetti squash cooking method

170. Baking disaster

171. Reanimated cheese pumpkins

172. Oven grilled hamburgers

173. Someone call Dr. Pimple Popper

174. Pikachu cupcakes

175. Lego cake

176. I’m crying, and it isn’t from the onions, either!

177. Who wants some chai-spiced honey almond cookies? Anyone?

178.  Hogwarts layer cake. Minus 10 points for Gryffindor

179. Nightmares of muffins

180. What I tried to make vs. what actually happened

181. How not to make waffle cookies

182. The Cookie Blob

183. Put dried oak chips directly on your electric oven to give chicken a delicious smokey flavor while they cook

184. Scrambled pancakes

185. Strawberry lemonade cupcakes fail

186. So the baking paper caught on fire in the oven

187. This could very well be art in a gallery setting…

188. Cooking level: college

189. Nailed it

190. Leaving the spoon in the Nutribullet when you turn it on

191. Supposed to be Easter flower cookies

192. Checkerboard cake troubles

193. At least the bunnies survived!

194. You need a muffin pan

195. Rainbow cake

196. Drunk cooking

197. She looks so proud

198. They fell hopelessly in love during cooking time

199. Absolute failed attempt at nori rolls

200. Sorry, we do not have a microwave available to guests

201. 4th of July flag cake fail

202. Cookies are done

203. Chocolate cake

204. So I did a really dumb thing today

205. I tried to steam eggs in the microwave

206. Scrambled pancakes beautifully burnt to a crisp

207. I thought I was getting better at cooking

208. I was cooking bacon in the microwave when…

209. Quick and easy way to make noodles

210. Winnie the Pooh pancake fail

211. Zombie pops

212. Man created takeaways for a reason

213. Is it a cake or a soup?

214. Dinner is ready

215. I can’r even cook eggs right

216. Must remember baking soda and sugar next time

217. Tried making ravioli last night

218. Looks delicious

219. Melting snowmen oreo balls

220. Cooking disaster

221. Hell of a cleaning job

222. Well, she tried

223. Drunk people need to stay off the kitchen

224. And then this happened

225. All of the things I cooked on my stove tonight

226. Coworker threw water on a grease fire

227.Yup! I burn pasta

228. Onesie cake with a very full diaper

229. Messy sponge cake

230. Where’s the owl?

231. Guess you don’t have to worry about baby powder

232. Green waffles explosion

233. Blueberry cheesecake popsicles

234. My cooking skills turned out too hot for my oven

235. Not looking forward to cleaning that up

236. My first even pancakes. That went well!

237. My Kcup exploded for some reason

238. Poppy pretzels anyone?

239. This salad turned out to be a shocker

240. Drank wine…made this…nailed it

241. Shape is good, but…

242. I had one job…hold the cupcakes

243. Poison muffins

244.  Cooking skills level: Expert

245. It looks so healthy….NOT

246. It isn’t like I have anything better to do

247. Timer. Withing earshot

248. Lunch today: macaroni and fuck it

249. Cheesy peas

250. Rainbow waffle

251. Crummy cookie cake

252. Brussel sprouts disaster

253. What happens when you overcook a spaghetti squash

254. RIP toaster

255. I was so excited for nachos and cheese. Grated butter instead

256. Slow cook it on a grill they said

257. Don’t put plastic microwaveable containers in the oven

258. My hot dogs

259. Tried to boil and egg

260. I was cooking dinner, when suddenly this happened

261. Ice cream cone cupcake fail

262. Falafel disaster

263.Gummy bear avalanche cake fail

264. Glass cookware explosion in the sink

265. I guess there is still room for improvement

266. Too hot to handle

267. Use a lid maybe?

268. Hibachi anyone?

269. Looks absolutely delicious

270. Bad cake day

271. Bloody Easter bunny

272. Cheesy quesadilla

273. Definitely, not chickpeas day

274. Perfect pizza

275. Easter bunny. Or not

276. The result of interpreting “freezer” as “fridge”

277. The smell from that burnt though

278. Tried to make a floating candy cake

279. Sad chocolate chip cookies attempt

280. Microwave the spaghetti squash they said

281. Reindeer crispy cake fail

282. Pyrex explosion. Dinner is served

283. Trying to cook 8 pieces of frozen bacon

284. Tried to impress my mom with my baking skills

285. Pancake meltdown

286. How to understand when the food is ready? When it explodes!

287. Nailed it

288. New England style clam chowder

289. Raisin cake

290. Accidentally left grill on and set oven on fire

291. Strawberry cake balls looking oddly perky

292. Dino disaster

293. Never rely on Pinterest for decoration ideas

294. When you forget that your oven is doubling as storage space for the electric grill

295. Didn’t make is as pro basketball player either

296. Fudgy puckerhole cake

297. Used glass cutting board to protect back burner, then turned it on instead of the oven

298. Santa cookies look more like Satan cookies

299. Snapchat anyone

300. I tried to make hot chocolate

301. I tried to make it pretty

302. Looks awful

303. Pinterest fail

304. Nailed it

305. Camping cooking gone wrong

306. The cauliflower brownie turned out little crappy

307. I’ll call him…Fred

308. Crispy

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