Most Spectacular Photos Of The Great Solar Eclipse

Are you here because you missed the solar eclipse? Or you’ve seen it and you want to see more spectacular photos? Either way you’re in luck because we put together the best photos taken of the great American eclipse.

The total solar eclipse happens when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and blocks the light that comes from the sun. The Sun is 400 times bigger than the Moon and 400 times further from Earth. This makes an optical illusion like the Moon is the same size as the Sun. Because of this, for 2 minutes the Moon completely blocks the sunlight. This is called totality. Demyos brings you 10 spectacular photos of this amazing rare celestial event.


The moon approaching

This marks the start of an eclipse!


A partial eclipse

A solar eclipse, minutes before totality in Arizona


This is how the sky looks during the event

People won’t believe that it’s 10:30 AM in USA judging by the sky.


The presidential skies

This is how the sky looked in the capital


The first totality

Totality is the event where the moon completely covers the sun, blocking all of its light. It usually lasts between 50 seconds – 2 minutes, depending on your vantage point.



Eclipse from a plane

NASA would have two planes in the sky, following the shadow cast by the moon and just look at the image of totality. The sun’s disc is completely blocked.


The sun being partially covered

The clouds are helping in filtering the excessive light.


The famous diamond ring

This happens moments before and after the totality.


Totality from the ground

A once in a lifetime sight, the corona visible from the Earth


Here’s how the eclipse looks from the sky

Now we can understand what the hype was all about



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