10 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping Naked

sleeping naked

Since we were young, our parents taught us to put our pajamas on before going to sleep. We thought that nudity is unacceptable even in sleep. But it feels so good to curl up in bed without any clothes on!

Here’s some good news! We have gathered evidence that shows that sleeping naked it’s not only enjoyable, but also good for your health. Here are 10 reasons to throw your pajamas away tonight.



10. Better sleep

Sleeping naked enables your skin to cool off. It saves you from overheating, so your sleep becomes deeper.


9. Feeling more happy and free

Even if you’re not used to going to bed naked, you can’t deny how good it feels. Nothing hinders your movements, cuts into your skin, or clings to your bed sheets anymore.


8. Better skin and hair

Good sleep enables your body to produce melatonin and growth hormones more actively. Sleeping naked will also be beneficial to your sebaceous glands since the skin can breathe and doesn’t overheat.


7. Brighter sexual life

Unsurprisingly, couples that sleep with no clothes on are much more likely to make love spontaneously than those who wear pajamas.


6.  Increased weight loss and muscle growth

Human growth hormone (HGH) is responsible for muscle gain and might be involved in the fat-burning process.


5. Less stress

Sleeping naked at the optimal temperature will help your body decrease its level of cortisol, the stress hormone.


4. Better relationship with your partner

Skin-to-skin contact enhances oxytocin release and is beneficial to loving couples. If you are both sleeping naked, you form a more sensual and trusting relationship.


3. Confidence boost

If you feel confident when you are naked, you will feel confident when you are dressed as well.


2. Improved blood circulation

Even the most comfortable underwear can make blood circulation worse and can constrict parts of the vascular system. This can result in venous lakes and varicose veins.


1. No insomnia

Doctors even recommend sleeping naked to insomniacs.


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