Here Are All The Times You May Realize You’re Being A Sexist


Do you realize all those times when you are being sexist? No? Then it’s the about time to do that.

Some people cannot deny the fact that they are conservative and they don’t work hard enough to change that. Criticism has become an important of everyone’s life, and somehow we support it either directly or indirectly.

Here is a list of all the times when you may not realize that you’re being a sexist. Consider these points and let them help you bring a positive change. Let’s stop sexism from the world because that is how we are going to make this world a better place to live.

1. When you see a woman wearing short clothes or showing cleavage and you automatically think she is a slut or somehow cheap


2. If you believe that a virgin woman is somehow morally superior to someone who’s not


3. You expect the guy to pay the bill just because he is the “man”


4. You think if a woman goes out in the market in skirt, she is not being ‘careful’


5. Anytime someone brings up equality and your immediate response is “well, so it means I can hit a woman”


6. You believe that only a mother can raise a child better than a father


7. You believe woman are precious and therefore should be handled delicately


8. If your male friend cries and you mock him for that


9. You automatically assume that women might lack technical knowledge


10. You think a father who spends time with the kid and changes their diapers is doing something out of the way


11. If you believe it isn’t a woman’s duty to contribute finances to the household income and if she does it, then she’s being extra nice


12. You believe in, ‘ladies first’


13. If you think ‘boys are boys’ when they screw up something



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