Man Takes Wife’s Last Name, See Why!

Man takes  wife’s last name and legally changes his name so they can both have matching names.

He legally changed his name to match his wife’s last name on the day of their marriage on May 29th, 2016. Mathew Brender shared his story so that others can understand how he felt throughout this journey. He made his decision after contemplating it for months and after talking it over with his wife.


I am sure this will scare the shit out of many as it definitely has for me”, said Mathew.

Just married!

He offered a brief explanation why he chose to change his last name: His wife hadn’t considered changing her last name from Broberg.


Mr. Brender or Broberg?

In an article, he wrote about his beliefs and how life decisions can be tough sometimes. The story centers his beliefs and his behavior. “I believe in the symbolism of a family unit- with common names and no ambiguity to them. The Smith’s,The Jones’. There’s comfort in the simplicity here: an old-age convention that signifies a family unit. I like it“, said Mathew.


Celebrating their marriage with a high five!

He also talked about gender equality. He learned them from the feminist minds around him. His mindset changed after taking a college course that explored how gender influences everyday concepts. He saw that history revolved around a man’s perspective. For all these reasons, he wanted to be a part of the gender equality mindset.


Happily married!

When we got engaged, we had a discussion on the name thing. He proposed many options and one of them was Brender-Broberg. But that sounded like some shit hyphenated“. They strongly felt that a name is a part of someone’s identity, and they also took into consideration other unconventional approaches. Then, he proposed something different: changing his last name.


A sense of equality!

He felt that the pros and cons are not as important as the feeling he has for his wife. Mathew also said that this is his story, a story he can be proud of. He also accepts that a name change alone cannot change how people view gender equality. However, it was a small step in a lifelong goal.
I love the outside view of it, too. I imagine a future where I “make it” as a technology business executive, making reasonably absurd quantities of money and leading thousands. And I’ll do so with my wife’s last name“.

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