Love Is In The Little Things…

Love Is In The Little Things

Meet Puuung a Korean artist that managed to capture all of the expressions of love for our partners in our everyday lives, all that in just a bunch of simple illustrations. The illustrations are so heart-warming and sweet and they simply explains that love is in the little things. These illustrations made us believe in that and we think it will make you believe too.

And so, love means…

Hugging for no particular reason

Covering one another up with a blanket

Falling asleep together

Cooking together

Watching TV together until late

Doing nothing together

Falling asleep on each other’s shoulders

Looking at old photographs together

Caring for each other

Consoling each other

Arranging surprises

Kissing our partner tenderly on the forehead

Bathing the cat together


Brushing our teeth together

Baking tasty treats

Offering your partner your ice cream

Helping one another

Thinking about each other

Singing together

…Loving each other


Such lovely illustrations!
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