Hilarious Pictures of Babies Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

If you’re having a bad day these hilarious pictures of adorable babies who look just like celebrities will definitely make you laugh. When I say the babes look like specific celebrities I don’t mean that if you squint you’ll see the resemblance. I mean that you might not be able to tell who is the baby and who is the celebrity.

Wallace Shawn




Chris Farley


Gordon Ramsay


Shirley Temple


Eric Stonestreet


Patton Oswalt


Mike Sorrentino


Alex Rodriguez


Jack Nicholson


Karl Pilkington


Nathan Lane


Russell Crowe


Larry the Cable Guy


Bill Murray


John Legend


Brian Baumgartner


Simon Pegg


Tiger Woods


Jonathan Lipnicki

Leonardo DiCaprio


Conan O’Brien




Ian McKellan


Bill Maher




Corey Feldman


Alfalfa from The Little Rascals


Danny DeVito


Linda Hunt



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