Healthy Jacket Potato Recipes

healthy jacket potato

1. Energizing jacket potato

Delicious jacket potato topped with chicken and mango. The natural sugars in the mango will top up your energy levels very fast, while the protein packed chicken will keep them stable for hours after eating.

2. Skin-boosting jacket potato

Potato topped with cottage cheese and sunflower seeds. The calcium-packed cottage cheese and the vitamin E-loaded sunflower seeds will keep your skin glowing by making it retain more moisture.

3. Brain strengthening jacket potato

Toppings: Raw peppers and hummus. Peppers are loaded with vitamin B6 and will get your mental juices flowing. The omega-3s in the hummus will work wonders for your concentration.


4. Immune-boosting jacket potato

This immune boosting jacket potato is topped with mackerel and watercress. Omega-3 and vitamins C and D in the mackerel reduce inflammation and activate germ fighting cells. The beta carotene in watercress is immunity-helping antioxidant.

5. Stress-busting jacket potato

Topped with black beans and tomato salsa, this super delicious jacket potato will help you deal with the stress. Beans are high in fiber, complex carbs and potassium, a combo that prevents blood sugar spikes, cravings and helps keep you calm.

6. Sleep soothing jacket potato

Delicious jacket potato topped with broccoli and cheese. Both, the broccoli and the cheese are full of magnesium and potassium which are natural muscle relaxers. Put together they are the ultimate snooze-inducing dinner.

7. Tummy-flattening healthy jacket potato

Toppings: feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives. The feta cheese is rich with calcium and helps stimulate fat loss while the cherry tomatoes and olives have fiber that make you feel full.

8. Libido-boosting jacket potato

Toppings: Smoked trout flakes and low-fat sour cream. The fatty acids in trout raise dopamine levels in the brain, triggering arousal. Topped with a scoop of libido-boosting calcium from the sour cream, you have one hot potato.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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