China To Develop Asia’s First Vertical Forest That Turns CO2 Into 132 Pounds Of Oxygen Everyday

Surprised? You read that right, folks! In Asia they are going to build the first ever vertical forest mountain hotel and we are very excited!

After the successful establishment of the vertical forest buildings in Milan, Italy, the green architecture will be complete in the year 2018, according to the sources.

This project was unveiled by the architect Stefano Boeri from his firm Stefano Boeri Architetti (SBA), who has clearly decided to take his green architecture project to the next level.

Read on to find out more about this brilliant architectural project.


They going to design the buildings in ‘The forest of ten thousand peaks’.

They are going to design the buildings in Nanjing, China. The project will acquire 60,000 square feet of space.

The taller building will be 200 meters high!

It will have offices, museum, a green architectural school, and a private rooftop club.

The vertical forest mountain will have around 3500 plantations!

They can accommodate 1,100 trees and 2,500 shrubs of 23 species from the local area.

While the other building will be 108 meters high.

It will have 247 room Hyatt hotel with a rooftop swimming pool and a podium of 20-meter height which will host functions of various nature.

It will absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide!

They assume plantations produce 132 pounds of oxygen a day. It will reuse the filtered ‘gray water’ from the building for plant irrigation purposes.

The architect of this unbelievable entity is Milan-based.

He sowed the seed of the green venture idea in his hometown itself, for which he won ‘The International Highrise Award’ in 2014 and ‘2015 Best Tall Building Worldwide’.

The Bosco Verticale in Milan are the residential green towers.

They are 110 and 76 meters high with 11 floors for commercial use.

The architect has also planned similar venture for Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Vertical Forest Mountain Hotel sounds like an interesting venture which is sure to attract many tourists. We applaud the brain behind the venture and wish him all the success in this brilliant journey!

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