Beauty Secrets That The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

beauty secrets

Have you ever wondered can how celebrities always look so stunning in spite of their age? Even though we know that they’ve got a whole army of personal beauty experts to help them, we can’t help being a little jealous at times. However, the fundamentals of effective care are simple and available to anyone. So here are some beauty secrets that will make you fall in love with your reflection

1. Don’t discount the benefits of sunscreen.

You cannot achieve healthy and glowing skin without regular use of sunscreen. Cosmetics expert Mamie McDonald says that that anything else you do for your skin will not have any effect if you neglect sunscreen. Cosmetologist advise to used sunscreen with SPF 30 or more, and reapply it during the day.


2. Don’t over dry your skin if there’s an inflammation.

Most of the anti-spot creams contain benzoyl peroxide that makes the skin dry and causes inflammation. Alcohol has similar effect, so you will not get rid of the spots like this. Dr. Harold Lancer recommends with salicylic or lactic acid and cleansing masks with clay.


3. Never forget about your neck.

You can have a beautiful skin on your face, but the neck is the body part that gives away your age. that’s why it’s very important to take care of it. The skin on the neck is very thin and requires care as delicate as your face does, or even more.


4. Rub an ice cube into your skin.

Dr. Ava Shamban, a dermatologist from Santa Monica, advises rubbing your face with an ice cube to prevent dull complexion. This simple trick makes your skin glowing because the coldness stimulates circulation.


5. Store your beauty accessories correctly.

You should never store your beauty products in the bathroom because the warm air and the humidity in there will make them expire more quickly. Face cream and other beauty products that you don’t use very often should be stored in the fridge.


6. Keep everything that touches your skin clean.

You should never touch your face with dirty hands. You should also change your pillow cases at least once a week if you have normal or dry skin, or once every three days if you have oily skin.


7. Don’t use scrubs and face sponges, especially if you’re prone to acne.

If you have acne, never use any abrasive skin care products such as scrubs, sponges and brushes. This will only make the inflammation worse. To reduce the redness and inflammation crush some aspirins and mix them with water until they form a paste and then apply it to your spots.


8. Facial massage will help get rid of circles under your eyes.

Ole Henriksen recommends lymph drainage massage against circles under the eyes. The procedure stimulates lymph flow, the skin becomes smoother, and the “bags” under you eyes disappear. Besides, you can even do it at home — it’s not difficult to learn.


9. Take care of your hands.

Hands need as much care as your face and your neck. The skin on your hands is also thin and delicate. when you do house work try doing it with gloves and regularly apply hand cream to moisten the skin. You can also apply anti-aging face creams to your hands, a of course, sunscreen.


10. Cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Going to bed with makeup on is the worst thing that you could do for your skin. If you go to bed with makeup on, you will end up with clogged pores and inflammation. That’s why you should always clean your face thoroughly before going to bed.


11. Always take off your bra before going to bed.

Before going to sleep, always take your bra off. Wearing a tight or wired bra to bed constricts your blood circulation and can lead to serious health problems. It can also cause irritation, discomfort, and darkening of the skin under the straps and wire.


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