This Artist Can Transform Herself Into Literally Anyone (10+ Pictures)

This Artist Can Transform Herself Into Literally Anyone

Alyson Tabbitha is an artist that makes costumes and she can literally transform to any character. I know you guys don’t believe us but we dare you to scroll down and see for yourself.

The love for this art she gets it from her mother which is a professional character performer. When  she was a kid her mom used to make her amazing Halloween costumes, that’s how she was introduced to cosplay. She professionally started doing cosplay in 2014 and till today her costumes have been the highlight of many places she’s taken part in.

If you love Final Fantasy then show your love to Alyson she made herself into mostly all the characters. Also she made an incredible representations of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow or Edward Scissorhands, She already has a name in the industry plus she has 200K+ fans on Instagram.

Check out some of our favorites below, and let us know in the comments which character you think she should do next.


#1 Captain Jack Sparrow

#2 Edward Scissorhands

#3 Leeloo From The Fifth Element

#4 Lestat From Interview With A Vampire

#5 Female Titan From Attack On Titan

#6 Skeleton Dragon

#7 Gaara From Naruto

#8 Vincent Valentine From Final Fantasy

#9 Talon Widowmaker From Overwatch

#10 Yuna From Final Fantasy

#11 Lightning From Final Fantasy

#12 Widowmaker From Overwatch

#13 Queen Padmé Amidala From Star Wars

#14 Mr. Brightside (miss Atomic Bomb)

#15 Rikku From Final Fantasy X

#16 Lightning From Final Fantasy Xiii

#17 Paine From Final Fantasy X-2

#18 An Elf

#19 Lulu From Final Fantasy X

#20 Aranea Highwind From Final Fantasy XV

#21 Elizabeth Swann From Pirates Of The Caribbean

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