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Feeling the blues as the week goes by? Or does the weekend seem like a land far far away? Even so do you have the tingle for a bit of excitement, have browsed through the latest gossips online and find yourself staring at the screen and the clock at the bottom? Well how about you shoo that boredom away, you’ve finally come to the right place and it took you long enough! So for a start how about you save us in your favorites or even select us as your homepage. Because we guarantee once you’re here you’ll never want to leave!

Hosting a bunch of news, reviews, gossips and all other things you thought weren’t possible at www.demyos.com we are the premium blog for all things cool and buzzing around the world. Featuring info pieces to videos, opinions, celeb gossips and the latest twists and turns happening all around you – we give each story we feature or video we host our own brush over with creativity and just a tad bit of crazy so you can really get into each as you view or read through it.

Updated every hour, around the clock – the news we place or the videos we host are a part of our contribution to your everyday. From funny to inspirational, knowledgeable pieces of news to the very quirky – we are time truly well spent!

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