20 Times People Were Savage AF

People love posts featuring one person ruthlessly demolishing another. I’ve made countless lists about these “savage people”. And they never fail to entertain me.

But doesn’t it make you wonder who’s worse: the savage people or the ones laughing, sharing and commenting? Or maybe people like me who earns a living posting about those savage people?

Nevertheless, I’m not gonna stop posting about it unless those people grow a conscience. Until they do, enjoy another one!


1. Apparently not…

Maybe she’s just one of the lucky few who was born with natural contour lines and brows on fleek.


2. Well, he has a point

If your Tinder match replies with this, run and never look back.


3. Say a prayer for him

At least there’s love there.


4. Apparently, the friend zone still has room for more

One does not simply leave the friend zone.


5. You can’t joke about shit like that

What’s more savage? Breaking up over text or pretending to? I don’t even know what I’d do if someone tried this on me.


6. It’s pretty simple, really

If you’re seeing someone, don’t go on Tinder. Do NOT download the app. Don’t create a profile, don’t swipe… just don’t do it. Maybe she didn’t read the app description?


7. I stand corrected

I hope the in-flight movie was at least decent for everyone else on that flight trying to not watch this literal show.


8. Too good

This is what happens when we cast middle-aged actors as high schoolers. Also, math is hard.

9. Sometimes kindness can be savage

Hopefully pay day is just around the corner?

10. Yeah, you read that right

What? Like they’re supposed to solve their problems like adults?

11. Savage level: Dad

There’s dad jokes and then there’s absolute savagery. One day your kids will also know the shameful burn of being trolled.

12. The truth comes out

The key is to not let this person follow you on social media once you’ve moved on with your life.


13. Grandma set the savage bar high in this family

Granny is pulling out the big guns.

14. Ouch

A little bit of constructive criticism never hurt anybody, right? Well, actually, in this case it might have burned a bit. Get yourself some aloe vera and better luck next time!


15. Zoarnold’s out for blood

I don’t think Zoarnold understands the struggle of winged eyeliner.


16. Accurate

It’s called being edgy, okay?

17. Welcome to the shark tank

I could hear the “dun dun…dun dun” as soon as she tweeted this.

18. That awful moment when…

…you text the wrong person. I actually have nightmares about this. I can’t look at this anymore.


19. The savage Chick-fil-A is taking no prisoners

Seriously, it’s better for everyone that these conversations have moved online. No more of this “the customer is always right” garbage.


20. At first, I couldn’t see it

Tilt your head and squint your eyes. Sure enough, there’s a happy, little savage shark.

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